Tyson Viniard- Sales Professional

As a Sales Professional with Luxury MotorSports, I have the honor of working with a team of the best marketers in the industry. We utilize several different technology platforms to advertise in multiple social media groups and communities. Our greatest enjoyment is working with our clients to facilitate the buying and selling of some of the most beautiful machines the eyes can see. Enjoy your time visiting our website, and feel free to let us know any way we can help.

Maritom Wynn- Marketing Manager

While leading our company’s marketing campaigns, Maritom brings years of experience in successful social media, SEO, and digital marketing. She creates our commercials, Marketing Agreements, as well as website development as we continue to grow and expand throughout the nation.

Trent Earie- Dealer Principle and Closing Agent

Trent has vast experience and knowledge in closing transactions. He is dedicated to helping ensure each sale meets all state regulations, and transfers of ownership are met in a timely manner with success. 

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